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@jeneveuxplusdecookies: This guy shares his experience and feelings from day one on Instagram, in the form of a logbook. “Testicular contraception, day 1: I’ve been wearing it for 10 hours. I’ve worked with it on, done lots of movements and haven’t felt it half of the time. The other half, it just felt new so it’s more about adjustment than about discomfort.”


Parleurnado: I finally received my #androswitch! It’s a tool to apply a male thermal contraception method. I’ll share my user experience with the hashtag #monandroswitch so you can easily follow it or do the same if you feel like it. 

You’ll find answers to your questions, he often shares how he feels about it and I’d like to thank him for doing this. Find his full testimony HERE


Download the post-workshop document by the Thomas Bouloù Collective with the main practical questions and DIY models. It also explores the adjustment possibilities of the medical protocol in very practical terms, right here: Analyse des pratiques Thomas Bouloù 2018.pdf


Barth: I’m leaving this comment after getting amazing customer support for my order. The product is great, the information is clear and easy to find and the delivery time is much shorter than first announced (one week instead of a month). A whole week of adjustment was needed but now the ring doesn’t bother me at all any more.

Great philosophy, great website, so spread the word!! 



Stella: A revelation and a gift for him and for me as well!


Philippe: Simply put, a very impressive method.


Louis: The ring and this contraception method are just great !


Jeanne: I think I fell in loooove with my boyfriend because he was contracepted with the ring.


Denis: My wife got me the Andro-Switch for my birthday. Great discovery!


Olivier: I highly recommend it ;) This ring is a revolution. It is discreet and efficient.

All explanatory videos are to be found under the TUTORIALS tab


Get started in three steps:

  1. Choose your size and get your small package;
  2. have a pre-contraceptive consultation with your GP;
  3. and you’re ready to go!
Androswitch - male contraception

Placing the ring and the upward position:

Androswitch - male contraception
Androswitch - male contraception
Androswitch - male contraception

The protocol illustrated for the very first time!

Androswitch - male contraception
Androswitch - male contraception
Androswitch - male contraception
Androswitch - male contraception

You can find all of these illustrations in the "illustrated summary" video in the Tutorials tab.

View all of Bobika’s work here!

Key figures:


5000 years knowing that spermatogenesis is thermodependant.


30 years of clinical trials and user follow-up


About 2000 persons have used this method


100% of the users respond to the technique


100% natural and reversible


>99% efficient


0 side effects and hormones


3 months of practice to be contracepted


4 consecutive years have been clinically tested


15 hours out of 24 with the testicles lifted, 7 days a week


1 million spermatozoa/ml, the threshold under which a boy is considered contracepted


1 reliable control tool, the seminogram to be done regularly



Click on the image to download the infography file and the Andro-switch Pack (PDF version) for free:


Click on the image to access the complete online User Manual:


To dig deeper into the method, its history, the clinical trials and the tools at your disposal, we invite you to read the following article:

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