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Androswitch - male contraception

So yes, as of now, if you’ve got a penis, you have an alternative to the condom to protect yourself. Watch the video. Sexpédition


The heating underwear isn’t the only male contraception method relying on the thermal mechanical principle. The more recent Andro-switch contraceptive ring it its evolution. Read the article. Dansmaculotte - blog


Cécile Malfray: “Men tend to be considered too sensitive to use such contraception methods. […] We make fun of the briefs, fearing they will turn out uncomfortable to wear, as though wearing a bra or an IUD in the uterus was a pleasurable experience”. Read the article. Yahoo Style France


Survey in France and Scotland on the first male contraception experiences. Do we really need a pill for men? Is male contraception a promising market or just a fantasy? Watch the report Vox Pop - Arte


99 to 100%: whether its briefs with a hole or a silicone ring through which you slide the penis and the scrotum (the skin sac that contains the testicles), they both bring the testes up and raise their temperature, which stops the production of spermatozoa. The briefs or the ring must be worn for a minimum of 15 hours a day. (More info with the great comic trial by or the @slowcontraception Instagram account). Read the article. J'arrête la pilule - Sabrina Debusquat


Male contraception: ever heard of the thermal method? Watch the report. On n'est pas des pigeons - RTBF


I do have the feeling that the question is open for debate, that it’s no longer as taboo as it used to be. Men now have better awareness regarding the fact that contraception is something to be shared, but there’s still a long way to go. Lire l'article. Le matin


Art as an answer to the unease: “To address this cultural problem, Pauline Simon, an EHESS student and dancer, chose the artistic way. She’s currently working on a choreography project inspired by the thermal method, called ‘The Great Hold Up’.” Listen to the podcast  Muckefunk


Sit down around the table, use this time to discuss your background, your contraceptive experiences, so that each and everyone knows what the big picture looks like and so we can all enjoy shared contraception again! Watch the speech. Flair : Point Barre


"I wanted to get contracepted and to be able to choose something different than condoms or vasectomy. I wanted to find natural methods against the capitalized body”, this knickers anti-conformist explains. Because male contraception in the form that all the guests are defending is also an anti-capitalist and environmentalist position. Read the article. Alter échos


Far from being commercial, this nurse’s purpose is first and foremost an activist one. “We strive to support men in their self-determination abilities. We are subject to this patriarchal injunction assuming men’s fertility should be available at all times. Why?” In France, about 1,000 men are said to be using this natural contraception method. Read the articleL'avenir 


A male contraception method that is natural and reversible? It does exist! Maxime uses the thermal method with testicle lifting and lifts the taboo on this technique deemed “emasculating”. Watch the speechKonbini news


Male contraception also benefits men, because it allows them to discuss their sexuality more freely, as well as the way they envision parenthood, a topic that guy friends rarely approach.  Read the article. Flair


In this new Autrement episode, Cyprien Houdmont and his guests touch on the subject of male contraception and the difference in the way men and women are treated when it comes to contraception methods. Watch the show BX1 - Autrement


When we mention contraception, the first thing that comes to mind is female contraception, or, for men, the condom and vasectomy, when in fact alternative methods have been used for 40 years. Listen to the show. Beur FM


A small object with the shape of a ring could revolutionise men’s fertility control… as well as their partner’s. Read the article. Yahoo Style France


“Focus on the balls” has three main goals: improve the knowledge of healthcare professionals and students on such topics, raise awareness amongst the general public and encourage the development of the offer and of contraceptive equity. Read the article. BX1


Male fertility specialist Daniel Murillo also recommends the thermal ring. Read the article. RTBF


On a fine May day, a man named Maxime said stop: women shouldn’t be the only ones bearing this load. Men must be concerned as well, and so he went on to work on a revolutionary male contraception method. Read the article Insidewomen


Just like him, Valentin got used to the Andro-switch to the point that he forgets he is even wearing it. Read the article WE DEMAIN


To make sharing the contraceptive mental load between partners easier, a thermal contraception method that prevents the production of spermatozoa has entered the market. Definitely worth a try! Read the article FQPN - Fédération du Québec pour le planning des naissances (Quebec Family Planning Federation)


The device must be worn for a maximum of 15 hours a day, every day, up to four years according to doctors’ recommendations as the research did not investigate beyond that point. The Andro-switch penile ring applies the same method. Read the article Cosmopolitan


A Family Planning centre in the French department of Isère ordered several models made by hand by its creator. Just like the heating underwear, the ring must be worn about fifteen hours a day. Not that constraining, “compared to the options women are offered”, argues the founder. Read the article Libération


I believe that the future of contraception is a shared contraception, where each partner assumes their own responsibilities and reclaims their bodies. For men, it could mean using the Andro-switch, and for women, the symptothermal method, a natural method based on the observation of yourself and your body. Read the article. RTBF


Ressources – Male contraception – with Maxime Labrit, creator of the Andro-switch. Read the articleElle en sens


However, contraception is not only a women’s issue, since male contraception methods do exist, and some of them have even been around for a long time. Listen to the show. France Inter - le téléphone sonne


Imagine you’ve never worn underwear before: it’s the same feeling. This is a brilliant option to promote contraception while respecting people’s bodies, argues Laurent. Even with very few means, anyone can use a contraception method. Read the article. Les Inrocks


It’s a natural, hormone-free method. It is based on the raise of temperature in the testes thanks to the temperature of the body, which creates a temporary and reversible infertility. The Andro-switch is a 100% silicone ring – the same material as the moon cup. Just like with the underwear, you just need to insert the penis into the ring and slide the scrotum skin into it as well. Read the articleFEMMESProd


“Le coeur des zobs”: The illustrated web-series that touches on feminist topics through the lens of a white, cisgender, heterosexual guy. Everyday sexism, male contraception, hairy feet, prostate… He shares his journey wearing the knickers and the ring. Read the comic. Bobika


We can no longer wait for pharmaceutical laboratories or public authorities to wake up, claims the nurse and creator of Andro-switch… Civil society and our habits will be the ones shaking things up. Contraception is not an illness. Read the articleNeon


When it comes to contraception, women are usually in charge. But there are quite a few alternatives for men… and they’re not limited to the condom! Read the article. FEMMESProd


Inspired by the thermal method developed by Dr Mieusset, the Andro-switch is a silicone ring that allows the testes to be held at the entrance of the inguinal canal. Read the article. ARDECOM


They decided to “get contracepted” and to advocate for male contraception. In France, an example is the ARDECOM organisation. Read the article. Education Santé


Male contraception has been made possible. Read the articleLe Parisien


If female contraception were complemented or replaced with male options to be in charge, it could also contribute to reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions, half of which follow a contraceptive failure. Read the article. Magazine Axelle


Male thermal contraception, not easily available enough. Read the article. Madmoizelle


Original but not final, so-called thermal contraception consists in curtailing the production of spermatozoa. Read the article. TV5 monde

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